No more fake it till you make it. You made it. Now it's time to trust yourself to lead.


Show Up & Lead Mastermind is a 6-month Business Coaching Mastermind focused on radically simplifying your business while creating more money and more impact.

But we don't do this by creating perfect launches with the perfect launch plan or by hustling month-to-month, showing up everywhere with branded content that converts -- we do it by being ourselves. We do it by trusting who we are as leaders and showing up for the community we care so much about.

I spent two years figuring out how I was going to make consistent money. I felt like my efforts were so much greater than the results I was getting. 

I was doing everything I was "supposed to do" and still felt like the business I wanted was so far away. 

That was when I realized that all the hustle in the world was not going to create money in the bank -- I had to learn how to really sell, serve, and create cash flow. 

So that's what I did. I got laser-focused. I started unlearning everything I was "supposed" to do and used my own brain to solve solutions in my business.

That's when the money started flowing in, I attracted my dream people, and my business took a turn of massive growth. I sold $100k in six months selling 1:1 coaching. 

Then, I made another $100k the rest of that year. 

I stretched my capacity, learned how to manage my mind, worked hard without overworking, and learned the fundamentals of growing and scaling quickly. 

Now, I teach my community how to do the same.

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In this room, we are changing generational narratives.


No more comparison. No more second-guessing. No more making decisions out of scarcity. That is what’s keeping you from your next level.

We trust our wisdom and keep things simple – simple marketing, simple sales, and simple business. Why? Because when your business is simple, you can not only create more revenue but you make room for more of what you want in your life.

I want in!


  • You must have made at least $25,000 in annual gross revenue from your coaching/consulting business (or expect to before February 2023).
  • This mastermind was created to help you grow one business at a time. If you have multiple businesses, you may or may not be a good fit. If you're in influencer or have multiple revenue streams within the same business umbrella, that is completely fine.

If you don't meet these requirements but believe you're a good fit, apply and Cat will be in touch with you.

Program Details:

  • 6 months of Business & Mindset Coaching: We get started in early February and the program runs until July 2023.
  • 3-day Live Virtual Event where we will plan and decide what the next year of your business will look like. The goal? Simplify everything. Because making multiple six figures is actually about doing less.
  • Video & Audio Curriculum teaching you the Show Up & Lead step-by-step process. We cover human-centered sales techniques, authentic marketing practices, and mindset tools that will change your business and life forever. 
  • Private Community to chat with your fellow masterminders.
  • Weekly live coaching led by Cat.
  • Guest experts, Peer coaching, Co-working Sessions, and Challenges.
  • Replay Access to over 40+ past group coaching calls, trainings, events, and workshops.


  • $6,000 Paid in Full. And yes, it's supposed to feel incredibly scary (but invigorating) to make this investment. This is a BIG deal, it should feel like it. ❤️‍🔥
  • Bonus VIP Day: When you enroll before November 28th - You will receive a BONUS VIP Day with me virtually or in-person (6-7 hour day where we plan out your entire business).

Application Process:

  • Applications open for the waitlist on November 3rd and open to the public on November 28th.
  • Here’s how to get in early to secure your spot: get on the waitlist and we'll email you the application Nov 3rd. Be ready to get on a call!
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Apply Now to Show Up & Lead Mastermind

If you're serious about scaling your business to six-figures+ and you're ready to serve your community at the next level, I invite you to join the waitlist. 
Investment is $6,000 paid in full & we start in February. Once you're on this list, we'll email you a link to book your call with Cat.
If accepted, you'll have 48 hours to save your spot and make  payment.